Biologics Products


Bone Powder

IDSBioBone Bone Powder is comprised of 100% mineralized cortical/cancellous bone.  There is no filler material to get in the way of the healing process.  IDSBioBone is ideal for socket preservation and other bone grafting needs.  IDSBioBone Bone Powder is created using the strictest standards in donor screening and processing to insure a high quality, consistent offering to the dental practitioner.  


Bone Putty – 100% Demineralizated Cortical Bone

IDSBioBone Putty is a 100% demineralized cortical formed into a putty like consistency.  This creates excellent handling characteristics.  The demineralization process strips away the calcium in the bone, leaving behind the collagen substrate and growth factors. The osteoinductive potential of demineralized bone matrix is well established. IDSBioBone is provided sterile for the safety of the patient.   IDSBioBone Putty is provided in a variety of sizes in order to create cost efficiency by reducing wasted graft. 


DBM Crunch

IDSBioBone Crunch is a mixture of IDSBioBone Putty and bone chips.  IDSBioBone Crunch is the preferred bone graft in sinus lifts but can be used for any non-structural bone grafting.



IDSWrap Amnion is a placental tissue with excellent healing properties and also serves as an aid to graft containment when sewed into the surrounding soft tissue.  All IDSWrap Amnion is recovered from planned Cesarean Sections with the consent of the birth parent.  IDSWrap Amnion is provided sterile to insure safety for the recipient of the graft.  IDSWrap Amnion is dried by desiccation under dry nitrogen.  Only sterile water and alcohol are sprayed on the tissue prior to dehydration.  These are fully dissipated in the dried tissue which is sterilized by gamma irradiation.  The first uses of amnion tissue in wound healing were published in the early 1900’s.