Warranty and Guarantee

All I.D.S. products (implants, attachments, abutments and associated surgical instruments) undergo thorough testing, inspection and quality control prior to release into the market place to ensure safety, efficacy and precise performance. I.D.S. guarantees its product (purchased new from the company) to be free from material/manufacturing defects and to perform according to specifications for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of purchase.  Throughout the warranty period, I.D.S. reserves the right to make repairs and/or replacement for any/all product it deems to not meet the company’s quality/performance standards should it be identified as such by the customer.

I.D.S. does not accept any liability for direct and/or incidental damage or personal injury caused by the following:

Product that is used for purposes other than that for which it is intended.

Product that is not used in accordance with the instructions and requirements described within this manual.

If the operatory (where the product is being used) has a faulty electrical configuration or is not equipped to support dental surgical standards that are acceptable within the industry..

If any alterations and/or modifications have been made to any I.D.S. products by anyone other than an authorized company agent.

If the environment and conditions in which the product is kept, maintained and stored does not comply with the requirements indicated within its technical specifications.

– Accidental damages due to transport, incorrect use, carelessness handling or improper storage.